Trijicon® Extends its Legendary Optics Pedigree with the Launch of the Trijicon HD™ Binocular and Trijicon HD™ Spotting Scope

TBN01_135Trijicon has combined the legendary durability and clarity of its award winning optics to a new binocular and spotting scope line of products. New for 2015, Trijicon will enter this market with their inventive Trijicon HD Binoculars and Trijicon HD Spotting Scope.

Designed and built for the hunter and avid outdoorsman, the Trijicon HD Binocular and Trijicon HD Spotting Scope deliver the optimal performance and great value expected from Trijicon. Initial offerings include 8×42 and 10×42 Binocular selections, and the standard 20-60×82 spotting scope with an available 25-50×82 accessory wide-angle eyepiece.

“Over the years, we have received ongoing customer demand to offer a line of binoculars and spotting scopes,” said, Andrew Chilkiewicz, Trijicon Marketing Manager. “These two new products have been specifically designed for the low light, rugged, environment needs of the hunter or wherever outdoorsmen require superior optics performance and durability. We are convinced that the each of these optics will provide a great value to our customers.”TSS01_135

Both the binoculars and spotting scopes offer a magnesium body that serves to reduce weight, while also maintaining maximum durability. Fully Broadband Multi-Coated Fluoride Lenses facilitates superior light transmission, clarity, color fidelity and avoids chromatic aberration.

A rugged armor design has been applied to the Trijicon HD Binoculars and Trijicon HD Spotting Scope, providing added protection for use in the harshest of conditions. As an added feature, the binoculars have a unique thumb bar at the bottom of the bino, allowing for enhanced grip and comfort.

The Trijicon HD Spotting Scope offers unmatched flexibility and performance with interchangeable eyepieces and dual focus capability. An indexing feature allows the spotter to be rotated vertically to adjust the eyepiece position easily, without repositioning the tripod.

For product specifications and Hi-Res images, please contact Eddie Stevenson at or visit

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