Former Client: New Breed Archery Partners with The Bucket List Outdoors-Season 4 Premieres Tonight at 8:30 P.M. EST!

New Breed LogoFultondale, AL-New Breed Archery, innovators of industry-leading archery equipment, is pleased to announce their new sponsorship of the Bucket List Outdoors on the Pursuit Channel. The Bucket List crew will feature the Blade, Genetix and Seduction in their quest for North America’s most challenging game.

NBA-Bucket List ImageEntering their 4th season on the Pursuit Channel, The Bucket List offers viewers a true reality-hunting experience. Full of real-world excitement, the Bucket List team battle extreme hunting conditions in search of all things that walk, crawl, swim or fly!

“We were immediately drawn to New Breed Archery’s commitment to handcrafting their bows with the highest quality, American-made, parts,” said Jerry Klamer, CEO and host of The Bucket List Outdoors. “We truly feel that, together, New Breed Archery and The Bucket List will establish a new benchmark in the archery world.”

“The Bucket List has always provided viewers a unique, authentic and innovative experience,” said Kyle Null, president of New Breed Archery. “As fellow Alabamians, the entire Bucket List crew represents the values and heritage of New Breed Archery. They will be great ambassadors as we expand our mark in the outdoor community.”

Season 4 of The Bucket List premieres tonight on the Pursuit Channel; episodes will air Tuesday’s at 8:30 PM EST and Sunday’s at 7:00 AM & 12:00 PM EST.

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About New Breed Archery

New Breed Archery, manufacturers of top-notch archery equipment for bow hunters and competitive archers, is setting the bar for excellence and innovation in the archery industry. There are no assembly lines here; each New Breed Archery product is built one at a time. Offering custom handcrafted bows using premium billet aluminum, titanium bolts and screws and the highest quality strings, these are bows that any archery enthusiast would be proud to own.

For more information on New Breed Archery and their complete line of New Breed Archery Products, contact New Breed Archery at (888) 363-3545 or visit

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