Sleeping Indian Mountain Hunter Series



ROCKY MOUNTAINS, USA, (Sept 1, 2016) – The hunters’ vision of crisp mornings and a light breeze on ruddy cheeks is what gets most of us through the heat of summer, but everyone knows that utopian moment is mostly a dream. Anyone with a few years of experience knows that weather rarely cooperates. Warm fronts bring humidity and sweat; cold fronts barrel down mountain passes blowing sleet and snow. Even when the weather is stable hunters may see extreme temperature changes throughout a day.


The perfect hunting day may be rare as venison in a poor man’s kitchen, but the perfect hunting apparel is right here. The Sleeping Indian Mountain Hunter Series offers a full spectrum of camouflage clothing, including shirts, jackets, vests, bibs, pants, hats, and even suspenders and gaiters, all manufactured from top-quality wool, by hand in the Rocky Mountains.

Each piece of the Mountain Hunter Series, Timberline Pants, Highline Shirts, Northbound Hat, Tree Line Suspenders, Ridgerunner Gaiters, Mountain Hunter Jacket, Ridgeline Shirt, On-Stand Bibs and Snowline Vests, are available in three camo color patterns, Early Fall, Fall and Winter. Obviously, Early Fall features more green, Fall shows more browns and Winter is a snow pattern.

The ultimate material – wool – handcrafted by professional tailors, made here in the United States? Sounds like another vision, but it’s true. Sleeping Indian apparel starts with top-quality wool, renowned for its versatility. It’s naturally water-resistant, provides incredible insulation while remaining breathable, is more durable and won’t hold scents like gasoline or smoke. This exclusive material is then hand-cut and sewn by professional tailors, each and every piece given the attention it deserves.

Sleeping Indian Mountain Hunter Series includes every piece of clothing needed to hunt in temperatures from 60 degrees to 30 below. Each piece provides maximum concealment because the patterns are woven into the fabric, creating a softly blended edge of color rather than a sharp, unnatural line. Sleeping Indian’s low-contract camo pattern uses predominantly horizontal elements mixed with diagonal. This effectively eliminates hard vertical lines, making it blend into the environment more effectively than other patterns. In addition to low contrast, wool naturally absorbs light. The amount of glare and shine commonly experienced in many other fabrics is nonexistent with wool.

For more information on the Sleeping Indian Mountain Hunter Series, go to and follow Sleeping Indian on Facebook.

About Sleeping Indian
Since 1989 Sleeping Indian has been making the finest, highest-quality wool clothing for outdoor enthusiasts who seek the versatility this ultimate, natural material provides. Sleeping Indian coats, shirts, bibs and other outer wear are all hand-cut, hand-sewn and hand-crafted in by dedicated tailors right here in the USA. Made to provide the utmost in comfort, durability, concealment and versatility, Sleeping Indian wool gear is made in America for true American outdoorsmen and women.

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