Former Client: New Breed Archery’s Natural Born Killer, the BLADE, Now Shipping to the #NEWBREEDNATION

New BladeAdFultondale, AL- New Breed Archery, innovators of industry-leading archery equipment, is pleased to announce they are now shipping their highly anticipated BLADE to the New Breed Nation!

“Consumer reception and demand for our new BLADE has been overwhelming,” said Kyle Null, President of New Breed Archery. “Our engineers and technicians have been working overtime to put the BLADE in the hands of our very important customers. We thank everyone for their support throughout this process!”

Launched in January, the BLADE has been nothing short of groundbreaking in the archery community. Featuring a smooth draw cycle, rock-solid back wall and unprecedented forgiveness, the BLADE has received heavy praise from discriminating hunters and shooters alike.

With a distinctive look, the BLADE sets itself apart from the competition with its cutting edge gusset brace riser, titanium bolt kit with stainless steel hardware, two-piece extended pocket design and adjustable cable guard. Together these fundamental features provide the foundation for one lethal bow!

For more information on the BLADE and complete line of New Breed Archery Products, contact New Breed Archery at (888) 363-3545 or visit

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About New Breed Archery

New Breed Archery, manufacturers of top-notch archery equipment for bow hunters and competitive archers, is setting the bar for excellence and innovation in the archery industry. There are no assembly lines here; each New Breed Archery product is built one at a time. Offering custom handcrafted bows using premium billet aluminum, titanium bolts and screws and the highest quality strings, these are bows that any archery enthusiast would be proud to own.