Former Client: Under Armour Cold Gear® Infrared Skysweeper Gear Keeps Waterfowlers Warm, Dry and Hunting

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When the forecast calls for a cold, nasty day in the marsh, waterfowl hunters in the know reach for their Under Amour Cold Gear® Infrared Skysweeper gear. It keeps waterfowlers warmer, and therefore afield longer, without adding a lot of heavy, restricting layers.

Searching for a way to keep hunters even warmer, Under Armour’s innovation team developed a soft ceramic coating and applied it to the inner layer of UA ColdGear® resulting in an inner layer that soaks up and retains body heat so efficiently, hunters stay warmer, longer, without bulky clothing.PS1248150-900_F

Meanwhile, the ArmourStorm® outer shell not only blocks the wind and the rain, it allows moisture and vapors to escape, for superior comfort.

Ducks love the bad weather—now you can, too!

UA COLD GEAR Skysweeper – System Jacket #1248148 $269.99

UA COLD GEAR Infrared Skysweeper – Bib #1248149 $239.99

UA COLD GEAR Infrared Skysweeper – Jacket #1248150 $169.99

UA COLD GEAR Infrared Skysweeper – Hoody #1248151 $169.99PS1248148-900_F

UA COLD GEAR Infrared Skysweeper – Wind Hoody #1249475 $149.99

UA COLD GEAR Infrared Skysweeper – Wader Pant #1249476 $89.99

• 100% Polyester (Bibs are 100% Nylon)
• UA ColdGear® Infrared Technology
• Wind and Waterproof ArmourStorm® construction • Secure Cargo Pockets for shell storage
• Shooting Shoulders prevent gun slippage
• Diagonal call pockets at chest for easy access
• Adjustable straps and cuffs

For more information on Under Armour’s new Cold Gear®
Skysweeper System, and their complete selection of performance apparel, footwear, and accessories, visit or contact Eddie Stevenson at

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