U.S. ROCKY MOUNTAINS (November 16, 2016) – The long night is over for legendary Sleeping Indian Designs. The relaunch of this renowned outdoor clothier under new ownership is complete.

“Consumers won’t notice any changes – we use the same highest-quality wool and make them one-at-a-time, hand crafting each item to ensure top-quality,” said Benny Deal, Sleeping Indian Design CEO. “An exclusive group of outdoorsmen and women have come to depend on Sleeping Indian wool to thwart not only frigid temperatures, but constantly changing weather that can feature rain in the morning, sleet at noon and snow in the evening. These folks have work to do, and they can’t be held back by inferior material.”

Sleeping Indian Designs has long been the choice of discerning outdoor enthusiasts because each piece is hand-sewn with American craftsmanship using the best wool available. Why wool? It’s the choice of those who live and work in the outdoors for several reasons – it naturally repels water and dries quickly; it provides the utmost in insulation, yet breathes to keep you cool when that afternoon warm front sweeps across the mountains; and it’s more durable than other materials, tough and stain-resistant.

The “new” Sleeping Indian is currently offering three series: The Mountain Hunter Series, the Comf 4 Lock Series and the Tru-Camo Series. While the Mountain Hunter and Tru-Camo series feature patterns and design created for hunting, the Comf 4 Lock Series is all-around, 24/7 work and play wool.

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About Sleeping Indian
Since 1989 Sleeping Indian has been making the finest, highest-quality wool clothing for outdoor enthusiasts who seek the versatility this ultimate, natural material provides. Sleeping Indian coats, shirts, bibs and other outer wear are all hand-cut, hand-sewn and hand-crafted in by dedicated tailors right here in the USA. Made to provide the utmost in comfort, durability, concealment and versatility, Sleeping Indian wool gear is made in America for true American outdoorsmen and women.

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